Benefits Of Ear Candling

The ear is one of the most important parts of the human body. Even this is the part that helps you to practice the critical sense in human i.e. sense of hearing. Without ear, your life can be just mute, even if you can hear then you will not be able to talk even. So it is mandatory to take care of the health and hygiene of your ear. Also the physiology of ears very delicate and complex. One has to be very cautious about its wellbeing, if not properly take care, the ear can cause a lot of health problems like severe pain, infections etc. 

Usually, the ear has a natural mechanism for cleaning. But sometimes, it needs to be cleaned by hand. People mostly use cotton buds or cotton swabs for cleaning. This is the most common tool for ears. The problem of cleaning the ears with a cotton bud is that it can damage the ear. The eardrums are fragile and if the person applies a little force that can damage eardrums. So it is not recommended to use cotton buds but one should occasionally clean ears with the help of other methods. The most popular method of cleaning ears after cotton buds is ear candling. The ear candles in Sydney is performed with the help of a candle usually 10 inches long. For ear candling, the person has to lie down at their side and then the candle will be inserted in the ear. The candle will be lit from its other end. The candle is tapered and hollow from inside. The candle is made of fabric soaked in wax, the candle can be encircled with paper or tin foil, so the wax will not fall on the neck, face or other body parts.

It must be surprising that how this works, but the burning creates the warmth that produces suction of all the wax from the ear.

But still, there are many claims about right ear candling that it’s a hoax and didn’t work as people believe. Also, it is risky. But there are the majority of people who believe that ear candling can do wonder, it can help to ease many health problems like

  • Removal of wax and bacteria from the ear canal
  • Improvement in hearing by the clearing of the ear canal
  • Treating sinus infection, fever and sore throats
  • Reducing vertigo, tension and stress

The list is long in this regard. But a word of caution is that it is not medically proven way but can be said as a popular homemade remedy for ear canal cleaning. Unless until you are sure that it can help, then one should give it a try. Otherwise, it can also cause other health problems for you.