Understanding The Link Building Strategies

Link building is like risk: reward proposition. Though, it is based on same policy, various chances have been witnessed in the level of risk associated outside the Google Webmaster Guidelines. Google has improved their algorithm along with strengthening their spam control, which has made increasingly difficult for websites to influence search rankings through spammy backlinks. Though, it is good but stands a noteworthy problem for website owners.

Risks vs. Rewards
High Risk- High Reward: The high risk and high reward system is generally paid link building. The war on using paid links hiked in 2008, where Google made clear their zero tolerance policy. Google had efficiently equipped it system and that is one of the reason that made Google vocal as well as pro-active in fighting the paid links. Even big companies like Dun & Bradstreet, Forbes, Overstock and JCPenney had to go through Goggle’s penalty for compensating links and bad publicity.
High Risk- Low Reward: This link building system includes automated programs such as SENuke as well as link networks such as BuildMyRank.com. Internet users that visit the linked website, even after receiving unnatural link warnings, were found engaged in both or one of the practices. Though, this is not the only path to Penguin penalty, it’s certainly the quickest one. However, there is no valid reason to exercise this approach, know more from experts of SEO WMEGroup.
Low Risk- High Reward: All the methods involving this approach are standard for lucrative link building. Acquiring links requiring editorial reviews and manual action means offer value propositions. This is what makes link earning the future of high reward link building.
Low Risk- Low Reward: It is often characterized as the “Penguin Paralysis. ” Right after updating Penguin, many web builders turned adamant about utilizing the “Ethical SEO” practices, which resulted falling of many webmasters into “content king” trap; which resembles to creating content having no idea of audience in mind and particular end game. It is safe but creating content without the putting marketing component is complete waste of effort.

Preparations for Link Building
Execute an evaluation test on the profiles of the existing backlink. Check out, does it clear the “Penguin” test?
•    Review and eliminate bad links. Tool like Link Detox can help in this process.
•    Finding or creating something to leverage link worthy. Execute outreach to aid a social/content strategy. The top and in-demand links need editorial approval – targeting links in link acquisition efforts.
•    Make use of Backlink analysis tools, such as Majestic SEO or SEOMoz.

Integrate Anchor Text Diversity
Natural backlink folder contains a range of link types. Focus the link strategy around all the below given common link types :
•    Text keyword links (Exact-match anchor): Anchor text links must point to the appropriate page of the site (the one being optimized by you).
•    Brand links: Variations contain: Your Domain.com, YourDomain etc.
•    Generic Links: such as “Click Here,” “Read More” and “Keep in mind” should fill the need with no or very little effort if required on the user’s part.